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Question fan test

I have a 1990 GEO Prizm with a 1.8l engine. The Problem I am having is that the car will start to overheat in stop and go traffic,but as soon as i start moving it will cool off. I am thinking maybe the fan is faulty. I haven't actually heard it come on lately. Is there a simple test i can do to make sure the fan works?
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couple of things you can do, first if you have air the fan should come on when you turn it on, also you can unplug the connector and run jumper wires from the battery to the fan. If that doesn't work you can also test your relays. Take them out and apply 12 volts to two of the terminals and you should hear an audible click. If not it's probably there.
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BUT. If you are going to check relays in this manner, better be sure you get the right posts. An audible click does not always mean the relay is good. Heard many relays click but did not have proper contact when energized.
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If you pull the connector off the fan sensor sw on the thermo housing the fan should run. If so and the fan dosen't go on when connected and it overheats the sensor is ng

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Agree with all here. If the fan spins, it's probably OK unless it is erratic or noisy (then the motor is wasted). Else, as Larry said.

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