Ceramic brake pads - opinions?


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Ceramic brake pads - opinions?

I am considering replacing my OEM pads with ceramic. Among other things, the literature seems to indicate they are less prone to noise and dust. I would be interested in any opinions out there about your experiences with them. I have never liked the semi-metallics. Also, I have found some manufacturers out there including Bendix and Morse, to name 2. Would appreciate any recommendations. Morse appear to be about half the price of the Bendix line.

The car is a 2001 Merc Grand Marquis. 4.8L, Dual exhaust, 36K miles. A very decent modern "muscle" car - though my wife drives it most of the time.

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Stick with the OEM Ford pads. Ford supersedes them all the time, not sure that the aftermarkets always keep up.

Best bet=OEM pads. No real benefit on this vehicle by going to ceramic.
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I have used Ceramic pads with great success. I have only used Wagner Ceramic pads. As you have stated it creates dark coloured dusts that stains the wheels. 2 years ago these pads are so expensive that they outweigh the cost effectiveness with the quality gained using this technology but now it is very feasable.


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