Windshield (do it yourself)

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Question Windshield (do it yourself)

1990 Chev Corsica, 4dr, V6. I want to replace the windshield myself and try to save some money. I hear a special tool is neede to cut through the glue that holds it in place. Do you know if this is true? and are there any other considerations that should be considered? Thanks
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It's not worth it.

After you add-up the tools and materials to do the job it's cheaper to let a pro do it. Also consider if you break the glass installing it it's yours. If the installer breaks it he replaces it.
Windshields need to done properly because they are part of the structual integrity

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I have seen the tool at Harbor Freight and at NAPA. You can also use piano wire thouth it can be difficult to get it started without making a mess. Just remember that if you put it in, and it leaks or cracks, you are screwed. This can be a DIY job but like the last reply, let someone else take the risk.
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As stated by Larry, it is not a DIY repair. It takes skill and knowledge to do it correctly and safely.

Take it to a professional glass shop and have it done. Safelite does them quite reasonably.
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It is very simple to replace your own windshield. But the cost factor would just about break you even as for having it installed if not cost you more. Your whole goal is to save a buck. My opinion is to stop being so cheap! Your concern when it comes to a windshield should be safety not $25 cheaper. Stick to what you know and ask for help on more practical jobs on your car as opposed to just trying to be really cheap. I'm not trying to offend you, but that is how it came off to me.
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Thanks for the replies I will most likely get it done rather than do it myself. I was not cheaping out I just have other things to replace and was just curious if it was a DIY.
YamahaWolverine no offense taken this is why we have sites like this to ask and learn. Thanks again all
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Yea, unfortunately, this is not one of them, but yes it is a good idea to ask .

On unibody cars more so than older ones, the windshield is a VERY important part of the crash structure and if installed incorrectly, it could cost you your life.

Not worth the risk.
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Windshield repair

My son used an old lineoleum knife with the curve at the end. The clips com out with needle nosed pliers
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Very interesting replies here.
I can only speak for myself but saving money IS very important and it's not about being CHEAP. I never once thought of myself as being cheap. Some of us are raising young families and are just trying to make ends meet. So by doing it yourself you not only get to save some money but the conveinence factor to me is MORE important. I don't have to make special arrangements to drop the car off and pick it up half a week later and find some other way to get to work and pick up the kids from day care. Then find that the job was done incorrectly and got beat over the head $$$ on price and a sloppy job that NOW has to be taken back AGAIN. You are learning a skill that is dying by the way side ( DIYers) and YOU can now help out someone else later with your new found experience.
And there is a certain pride about a job well done.
I know some places will come out to YOU to do the glass but again you PAY for that convenience.

I have done about 4 different windshields on my own cars over the years and never had a leak. Didn't save a whole lot of money but never got beat over the head and it was done right the FIRST time.

Oh, I used an old guitar string and a screw driver. The only costs I had to bare was the glass I bought at a salvage yard and the new seal.

Just my prospective.

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