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Talking Engine cleaning

I have an 88 camaro with the 2.8 V-6. I was trying to find a slight tapping in the top end and took off the intake manifold and timing cover. The timing chain was loose and was slapping the cover to cause the knock. The bigger problem is the buildup of crap in the engine. I am not sure the oil was ever changed, just added to. I have scraped out all I can and am asking advice on what will help me finish the job. I can't take the pan off or I would just pour parts cleaner through the engine and let it all wash out the bottom. Are there any motor flushes that will break all this up so not to plug up the oil pump?
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Not really. If it's that crudded up, you risk clogging it with whatever you use. Years ago, you'd run kerosene through it and would flush it out. Wouldn't do that on a modern engine though.

Suggest you take it apart and clean it the right way or leave it alone .

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