Hard to start when its raining...???!!!


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Unhappy Hard to start when its raining...???!!!

This morning, I had a very hard time starting my 87 Accord LXi (225k miles). When it finally started, I took it around the block and it kinda sputtered a bit. I parked it back home and took my other car to work.

I am thinking it may be plugs, wires, cap/rotor related. It acted up last week also when it rained. My NGK plugs have about 40k miles on them, my NGK wires have 140k miles on them and the AutoZone cap/rotor has 8k miles on them.

What you guys think?? I dont feel like throwing parts and time at it blindly...

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It sounds like its time to change the spark plug wires. Use only NGK wires or OEM from HOnda. Dont use cheap substitutes. I would also recommend to change the spark plugs as from what you mentioned its already 40k miles.

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Time for a tuneup, I agree. Change all the filters at the same time.
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Ign wires need changing as mentioned. Next time it wont start, look for condensate in dist.
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That's kind of funny but our 88 Jeep Cherokee had that same exact problem this morning. It's been running fine, but after it poured like crazy (literally buckets!!!) last night, this morning the truck simply would not start. It had a tune up not to long ago (plugs, wires, air filter).

Any other ideas what might be the cause?
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Moisture getting in the ignition system, causing a short or causing it to ground out.
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Yup. Or poor quality parts which have failed.
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I put new plug wires in the car.... its been fine since Monday now... looks like that did the trick.

I plan on changing the plugs and filters in it anyway as soon as I get the chance

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