Sluggish 98 toyota corolla


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Unhappy Sluggish 98 toyota corolla

1998 Toyota Corolla VE
5 speed, air, 4 door
I've taken it in to the dealer to investigate, the check engine light, here's what I was told ($100.00 later).
could be spark plugs(changed),air filter(changed), oxygen sensors(not changed),car running lean, then they wanted more time to investigate. I think I was being taken! So I said forget it. Here is what the symptoms are,
Take off in 1st, sluggish feels like it wants to stall,
at 100km/hr in 5th if I want to accelerate it starts to stutter,
there is a build up of black soot on the tailpipe of the exhaust,
acceleration is my biggest concern, car runs fine if it's really babied. I have noticed in the last 30,000km, a loss of power, even when it idles the headlights dim quite a bit, suggesting rpms are low.
Could anyone PLEASE help me
Thanks a lot
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Back to the dealer they were on the right track....

100 bucks to do what they did, if that's including labor and parts is reasonable. Labor is easily 60 bucks an hour.

The cause of why the check engine light is on is the source of the problem. It must be found and corrected. A dealer or competent diagnostic shop can find and correct the problem for you.
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Sluggish 98 Toyota

I disagree, so i would like to correct this problem myself, this is why, i became a member @
If you could help out, or anyone else it would be most appreciated.
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1st step: Buy the factory OEM Toyota manual, or minimally an subscription $25.00.

You'll also need an OBDII compliant scanner to read your codes (about a grand). Or you can run back and forth to Autozone and have them scan it for you as you fix the problem.

While I agree with DIY work, it does not come for free. There is a pretty steep price to pay for newer cars and getting into service work on them, even at the DIY level.

Must find the cause of the check engine light, that will lead to the problem. The scanner does that. But it's only a start.
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I see your point,
they (dealer) used the obdII, and wouldn't say the results. It's also not the first episode with a Toyota Dealership, I have a bad taste in my mouth from quite a few incidents.

Is the fuel filter located in the gas tank, and also how are the o2 sensor's removed??
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The fuel filter is located inline from the gas tank. Follow the lines out of the tank, you'll find a can shaped filter. Buy the new one so you know what you are looking for.

It is doubtful the O2 sensor is your problem. A special socket is used to remove it, or a wrench will suffice.

Again, I suggest you go to Autozone, get them to scan for the codes and tell us what they find. Willy nilly changing of parts WILL NOT fix the problem, only drain your wallet.

If the vehicle has not seen a full tuneup (filters, plugs, etc), in a long time, you must start there minimally. But, the problem is likely elsewhere.
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This is the first year they moved the filter in the tank with the pump. Fuel pump assy with filter can be removed after taking out lower rear seat.

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Autozone in Toronto, Ontario

I live in Toronto, Ontario. Is there an Autozone or anything close to it here ?????
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Not sure, try Autozone's website. Should be

What does the report from the dealership say?
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A couple of things iforgot tomention,
first there is a loss of power when A/C turned, but you probably knew that.
Thanks very Much
for all the Help !!!
Definitley will be recommending this site to all !!!!!!!!!!!
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They said nothing came up on the scan, very hard to believe !!!!
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I'd take it back or to another shop to see what they find.

What specifically did you ask the dealer to do when you brought it in? Was that done?

Try another Toyota dealer and if they fix the problem, bill the first for the second's repairs.
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Just got to a different Dealer, scanned found misfire #2 cylinder.
Checked out all ok at the time of inspection was not misfiring at the time. Found nothing wrong, I refused to accept, asked the mechanic to come for a ride because I know that light would come back on. Note this day is really Wet, my car doesn't act up on wet days? I couldn't get the light to come on. So I decided to have injectors flushed, fearing bad injector. This time I stayed right beside the mechanic, insisting to perform other checks. He sprayed the tops of the sparkplug wires checked with circuit tester all ok, Compression was at 160lbs ok, then took the spark plug wire # 2 ran it on it's side along top of engine and you should have seen the fireworks, bad wire. I changed the wire's. The car run's GREAT, but after 160 kms, that damn check engine light is back on !!!!!
I'll post the result's, when I get back to the dealer, I don't understand the car run's great no hiccups or any signs of trouble.

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Getting close. The codes have to be reset with a scanner once the problem is found. Sounds like that has to be done here.

Bring it back to the guy that fixed it for you and ask him to do that.

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