Transmission 4R70W


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Transmission 4R70W

I have a 1995 Crown Vic with a 4R70W Electronic transmission. I have some problems with the Tranny, not all the time, it is an intermittent problem, in that on occassion, it seems that the tranny just pauses for a second, I let up on the gas momentarily and it is OK. It may not do this in 500 miles, or it may do it in a few miles then not again for quite some time.

This problem has been going on for 85,000 miles, still a mystery. I have looked this up under Ford on the net, they mention a shudder, but, this is not the same, I don't think. I have had the fluid changed at less than the 30,000 miles interval as suggested for this problem. They also Mention Mercon V fluid, however, Ford does not Recommend Mercon V in 1995 and 1996 4R70W Trannys. They say that it could leak around certain seals ins these years, in 1997 the problem with the seals were corrected.

Have you had this question before, or do you have any suggestions. I am on a fixed income budjet, cannot afford the hunt and peck system of a transmission shop. Thanks for any information you may be able to give me.
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Check for any known bulletins on this, you're likely to find many as Ford trannies are the rock bottom pits

It is probably cheaper to have a shop that is competent drive it and look up TSB's to assess the problem. Even then, it may require some checking and back and forth. The fix could be anything from something damaged internally to a new tranny if it's that bad.

Sounds like it's in the torque converter, was the fluid drained from there when the tranny service was done? If not, that might cause the problem with old fluid mixing with the new.

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