bad valves


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bad valves

I have a 94 Areostar and just found out that I have 1 bad cylinder that is only putting out 25 lbs pressure. It runs ok most of the time but is burning oil. I don't want to replace the motor at this time and want to know if I use 50 grade oil and keep it topped up will it do any more damage?
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If you truly have a valve problem, 50 weight oil won't do a thing. If you have a ring problem, it will mask the problem somewhat, but it's certainly not a cure.

Your engine is living on borrowed time. You need to fix or replace the engine or the entire vehicle.
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I agree. I was behind a smoking Aerostar yesterday, and boy was it bad. LOL.

Make a determination about the vehicle. If the truck is in good shape otherwise, it deserves a rebuilt motor. If it's in poor shape, pitch it and put the money into something better.

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