89 olds wagon boiling radiator


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89 olds wagon boiling radiator

89 olds custom cruiser wagon radiator was boiling in reservour tank. temp light never came on, no white smoke at exhaust,only had car for 1yr. only drive car 10 miles aday avg. have driven it longer so dont think major prob. only bad thing i noticed was tranny as it warmed up had down shifting prob when came to stop sign,and tranny sluggish if u try to punch it at stop sign
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I don't understand the actual/question or problem. Please read "See here before posting" at the top of the forum's page and post back the required information.

Which Oldsmobile are we talking about? A Cutlass Ciera wagon or the larger rear wheel drive model with the V8?

It could be anything with the cooling system if you are stating it is overheating. Could have a stuck thermostat, leaky hose, bad fan clutch (if equipped), clogged radiator, bad water pump, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.
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sorry joe, older v8 large rear wheel wagon custom88 i think. no leak at water pump ,no looseness in fan blade...im going to replace thermo this weekend and go from there. am wodering if tranny prob is related..
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If the vehicle is overheating it will run/perform poorly.

Sounds like it needs some cooling system maintenance at minimum.
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Take a look at the radiator cap..Might be worth replacing if the only symptoms are boiling in the overflow jug..

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