Can a "keyed" car's scratch be removed easily?


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Can a "keyed" car's scratch be removed easily?

My car has just been "keyed". Someone took a metal key, and scratched the car on the driver's side, the entire length of the car. Just plain vandalism! It is a dark blue metallic color car, and now there is a white colored scratch the entire length. Would a polish, compound or wax product take this scratch out?

Also, the car has a scratch on the windshield- the wiper failed one evening and scratched the windshield in an arc. It is on the drivers side. Is there any way to get that out too?

Would appreciate any help. Thank You.
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Light scratches can sometimes be buffed out with rubbing compound, but it sounds like you are down to metal. Probably body shop work.

Have a good glass shop look at your winshield; they'll be able to tell you. Glass can have scratches buffed out, but it's specialized work.

If you're brave and want to try the paint repair yourself, here's a website for paint:

The trunk lid and top of the left rear fender on my wife's '95 Camry had some badly deteriorated paint. It had started out as a slight imperfection in the clear coat when we got it used in '97. Didn't think anything of it. Over the years it deteriorated badly into a patch about a foot square. Best guess is that it had a paint defect of some kind repaired by previous onwer. Didn't really want to spring for the $300-400 dollars at a body shop, so I figured what the heck. Got one can each of color and clearcoat and redid the entire trunk lid and the part of the left fender. Followed their touch-up instructions METICULOUSLY and it came out great. Except that there is a VERY slight difference in the amount of shine from the oem paint on the rest of the car, you almost can't telll the difference. Less than $50 invested and probably increased value of the car by $1000.
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I agree with TowGuy. A body shop should be able to handle both for you.

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