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Air Conditioner

I've got a 95 Ford Explorer Sport and am starting to have air conditioner issues. If the setting is on MAX A/C, it seems to work fine, air is very cool. If the setting is on "normal" A/C, it feels as if the heater is turned on, much warmer than if just the vent was on or the compressor was not working. Trying to figure out if the compressor is starting to go south or something minor such as a fuse or something. Any ideas??

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Could be a number of things. I suggest professional service. A/C work is not for novices without the proper know how or tools.
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Ok, talk about weird, this similar thing happened to my ford ranger. I lived with it for quite a while before I discovered the problem(s). Well, the main problem was that my fan motor resistor stack had burnt out in the past (which I knew but ignored) , but not before melting a 2" hole in the engine compartment side of the heat/cooling plenum, which is mostly plastic material. Due to the design and placement of the plenum, I could not see this hole until I pulled out my resister stack to replace it. See, I told ya this was weird. Anyway, I did a quick and sloppy epoxy patch job on the hole (and blew about a bucket of leaves out) and it fixed the problem.

Get a small mirror and look at the plenum under the resister stack, accessible on the passenger side, to see if there is a hole.

If thats not the problem at all, then check your heater control valve operation. For example, use hose pinch pliers to close the heater hose and note if it fixes the symptom.

While your at it, watch the valve for signs of dripping water. These valves are known to leak after 5 years, but that is another issue.
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If you have rotary control knobs for tempurature control,fan control, and air flow control, it's possible that the switch itself is seeping vaccum, and allowing a door to open when it shouldn't...Replaced a LOT of switches on fords this spring for this..

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