1998 Ranger 4X2 2.3 litre 70,000 mi


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1998 Ranger 4X2 2.3 litre 70,000 mi

My 1998 Ranger tilts from right to left approx 1". The vehicle has not been in any kind of wreck. I first replaced the left rear leaf spring. Still have the same problem. I can jack up the front left side of vehicle and everything levels out. I thought it might be front coil spring. Both coils left and right measure same.

Any input would be apreciated as i've also checked the air pressure. All tires have same pressure. It's more cosmetic than anything. But mechanically i have to be stressing one side of the vehicle.
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I have the exact same problem with my 95 Ford Explorer. I think these two vehicles have the same chassis. The tortion bar (spelling?) is out of adjustment. This is easy to check. Follow the tortion bar backward to the rear attachement point, somewhere mid body. There, find the large adjustment bolt. The adjustment bolt is easier to 'see' if you remove the two bolts attaching a cover bracket. But instead, you can just feel the bolt with your fingers blindly. Compare this bolt to the bolt on the other tortion bar on the other side of the truck. They should have approximately the same number of threads exposed. The bolt that has many more threads (nearly finger loose in fact) will be the side that is letting the chassis drop too low.

I tightened this bolt (about 10 or 15 turns) on my Explorer, but it quickly became unthreaded again, (not surprised, huh). I haven't looked at it since. Of course, driving the car like this will affect tire wear in an undesireable way as well as being a cosmetic issue.
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I'd suggest you consult a service manual or Alldata.com subscription for the proper measurements on this one.
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Amen Joe.. Lord help them if the torsion bar unload because of losening the bolt too much..
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Ranger 1998 2.3 litre 70,000

My vehicle tilt from left to right as i previously posted levels out when the vehicle is jacked up from the left front side as previously posted . Its all well and good when you report a problem for advice and follow that advice and it costs mega bucks to fix and you still have the same problem. Lugnut is right the tortion bar adjustment screw is loose. This is after i replaced a leaf spring at $120.00 part $85.00 labor.

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Aye, that 120 bucks would have been better spent on a service manual.

I learn things all the time by reading the factory manual!
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I would crank it until it was level and lock tight it in place. Then go down and get an alignment. But just remember that you are increasing the actual stiffness of the suspension and limiting its travel. So a harsher ride will most likely result.

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