water leaking inside around windshield


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the butchers wife
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water leaking inside around windshield

My 1990 bonnyville is leaking water. It's wet across the windshield and also along the driver and passenger doors only on the roof. I'm thinking I need to seal up my windshield. It does have a few cracks in it but it has high mileage so I don't want to invest in a new one. Is there something special I need to use or can I just use some silicone that I would use in my bathroom? Anything I should know about application? do's and don'ts. thanks alot
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darrell McCoy
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Do What you have to do. I have had good results with dow-corning clear silicone.
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Do: Replace the windshield because it could cost your your life in an accident. The windshield is a very important part of the vehicle crash structure.

Do Not: Attempt home repair on a windshield. Not a DIY repair.

If you're at wits end with the vehicle, pitch it now and count your losses or install a used windshield. Believe it or not, Safelite and other glass chains will install a new window for probably around 250 bucks on something like this. Well worth it.
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Originally posted by Joe_F

Do Not: Attempt home repair on a windshield. Not a DIY repair.
Just check thier work BEFORE you leave the shop. I had a place
put a new windshield in my Pontiac and drove it off without
looking it over. When I got on the highway it was like driving
in a wind tunnel! Seems they forget to seal the bottom edge of
the windshield all the way across! Once I got back to the shop,
they were real good about fixing it right! I concur with Joe,
only a qualified shop should replace auto glass. It's too
important not to do it right.

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