Leaky CV Boot

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Leaky CV Boot

My 99 Lexus RX300 is all-wheel drive with 38k miles. Noticed that both inboard CV boot covers on rear half-axles are leaking a little grease. Leak seems to be between drive shaft and small diameter side of CV boot. The clamps seem tight but I guess they aren't holding the boot tightly against the shaft.

Lexus will install new boots under warranty but I am concerned that the cure will make things worse. They will have to diassemble CV joint. Even if they do this right (my experience with this dealership has been very poor) they run the risk of getting dirt into the joint.

Question: Should I have the boots replaced, demand new half-axles or live with the current situation?
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Ask for whole new axles, this way it's just an R&R and it's not likely to be screwed up.

In my opinion, you paid enough for the Pacer, I mean RX300 (it kinda looks like an AMC Pacer on a truck platform...lol ), so I would be there demanding resolution if it were me.

If the dealer stinks, it's time that you let Lexus know about it. I'm sure they will be making a phone call to the manager of that dealership to straighten their act out.

Dealers do not like calls from "headquarters" where a customer has had to piss up a rope to solve a problem. My experience with that is that the dealer is then as great as pie. It often takes the phone call to the head office to get things done.

If the dealer still doesn't comply, then go to another dealer. Not all dealers should be tarred with the same brush so to speak.
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If it is warranty, let the dealer do it. Keep a close record of repairs, mileage and dates. They may have an upgrade repair for this, boots, grease, etc. Ask or check if there are any TSB's on this problem, as it may be an ongoing problem.

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