94 Ford Ranger


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94 Ford Ranger

Back in January, I was stuck in snow. After many attempts to get out I noticed that the ABS light came on.

I checked the brakes and had to replace a brake line. Blead the breaks, adjusted them.

The problem is the ABS light is still on.

I heard this is a common problem with the ford ranger.
How or what do I fix, replace to have this light turn off.

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You'll need a scanner to find the problem. Autozone scans engine trouble codes for free, see if they'll scan your ABS codes.

Probably a bad wheel sensor, but see what the codes reveal.
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I would have your codes cleared and see if the light comes back on. I would bet that it will stay off after you have the codes cleared.
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A little of both of the above. First reset the abs light and see if it stays out. If it reappears ( and likely will) , then you must have a scanner to pull the trouble code. However, you should be aware that a generic scanner will usually not pull ABS codes. Generally speaking, to pull those, you need a $2000 scanner plus the ABS module for an additional cost. In other words, you will most likely have to pay for a 'qualified' shop to pull the codes for you.

Aside from that, by far, the most likely cause is that you have a dirty (or bad) wheel sensor. Although I have not done this myself, I have heard many times, that cleaning the wheel sensors often correct a problem.

If you are really motivated, you can probably do a simple handheld meter voltage test on each circuit (each wheel) to find out which wheel is not responding (not generating a voltage). Of course you know that the wheel being tested must be spinning somehow.

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