Maximum air flow meter?


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Jeff Scott4
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Maximum air flow meter?

I have a problem with my 97 Altima stalling. This usually happens after it has been running for about 30 minutes or so. I did the normal things, changed the air filter, cleaned the fuel injectors, but still the same problem. The shop I took it to, says the problem is the maximum air flow meter, and it has to be replaced. He is asking $350.00 for the part, and $150.00 for labor. Is this legit? Please excuse my ignorance, as I have never heard of an maximum air flow meter. Please help if you can, as quickly as you can, as I need to get this car on the road fast. Thank you so much, Jeff Scott
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Probably means the Mass Air Flow Sensor, yes. You can probably get a rebuilt from the parts store at a more reasonable price.
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Does the cost of labor cover the diagnostics to figure out the problem, or just the replacement of the MAF? If it's just the replacement, sound real high to me.. It's attached to the airfilter cover, where it leads to the throttle body.. You've had your hands on it, if you've changed your own air filter..
The cost of the meter sounds about right..They aren't cheap!
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Original poster: You can probably change the MAF yourself with a few simple hand tools and 1/2 hour of time.

You can send it out to have it tested through any auto parts store.
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Jeff Scott4
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Smile Maximum air flow meter

To Joe F, & Msargent.
Thank you for your help and advice. Turns out the diagnosis was wrong, and the distributor was the cause of the stalling. I followed your advice and went ahead and cleaned the Mass air meter anyway. I also went to another shop. Thanks again for your concern and prompt response. Your the best!! J. Scott
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Good job!

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