what's wrong with my Buick?


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Unhappy what's wrong with my Buick?

I have a 1984 Buick LaSabre 2 door hardtop with approx. 64,000
miles on it. 3 weeks ago, the engine started bogging down while I was driving to work. I could'nt get over 40 mph. I took to a mech. who told me my oil pump was shot. he replaced it , but when I went to pick it up, he told me it sounded as if there were a couple of lifters stuck. he said drive it for a week than bring it back if the clicking noise did not go away. needless to say I never made it 3 days. it started smoking real bad, huge puffs of whitish blueish smoke. then it just would'nt hardly go at all. I had it towed back to him, and after he did some more investigating, he told me I had at least 2, maybe 3 lifters down that were not coming back up. my question is this, I paid $2000 for this car at an estate auction, it was cherry, one owner(65yr old lady) and had only 41,000 miles on it when I got it. Is this problem fixable, and will it cost more than the car is worth to do it?
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Cost is the actual matter if you want to spend the money. I have found these "Little Ole Lady" cars are not what they appear. Cosmetic wise fine, mechanical not so good as they have not been maintained and maybe not driven 10 miles a week short trips. Honestly, I think it is just plain sludged and carboned up. No telling when any of the fluids were changed.
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An oil pump caused this car to not go over 40 mph?

Fuel pump, maybe-but oil pump?

No plugged exhaust ? No vacuum leaks? No bad ignition?

Did this drive any better with only an oil pump replacement?
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I agree. Start with the basics. Full tuneup, fluids, compression and vacuum check and go back to the simple stuff.

I assume we are talking about a 307 V8. It will run like a champ forever if properly maintained, but it sounds like at minimum this one needs a lot of TLC.

Assume NOTHING was done on the vehicle and EVERYTHING done prior to your ownership is wrong.

I drive an 84 Olds 88 with the same engine that I got from an uncle in fair to poor shape. I can tell you after spending 600 bucks initially to get it the way I want it (with me doing the work and buying discounted parts), the car runs great 7 years later .

Stick with it, it will just take time to straighten it out. You paid a little too much for it at 2k though. That's a 1000 to 1500 dollar car.

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