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Question Volvo Antifreeze

Quick question.

My friend has a Volvo S70, 5 cylinder. His antifreeze is green in nature. (As opposed to GM Orange.)

He is wanting to get his cooling system flushed before it gets too hot, but is unsure if Volvo uses a different type of antifreeze, or is Prestone® brand good enough?

I know it sounds like a dumb question, but he can't seem to get a definitive answer. Jiffy Lube says they can do it, but his manual says to use Volvo antifreeze.

Does Volvo do something different to their coolant?
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The Volvo service manual recommends Volvo brand coolant only.

I honestly don't know if Volvo uses proprietary additives or if they simply repackage 'standard' green coolant.

IMHO, it's not worth the risk. I'm not sure how much your Volvo dealer charges for coolant, but even if it's $25/gallon, you'll still come out ahead vs. buying the cheap stuff at the local parts store and then suffering a heater core or radiator failure.

If your friend is DIY oriented, he should change the coolant himself using Volvo coolant. Otherwise, let the (expensive) Volvo dealer flush the system for him.
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I agree. The only other alternative is to call up the coolant manufacturer and ask. Make sure they fax you a certificate that it meets or exceeds Volvo's specs.

If there were failure down the road, you'd have a leg to stand on.

Otherwise I agree with Knuckles.
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For your protection, stay with Volvo coolant. Seems I have heard they use some type additive and also I have heard some have a "Lifetime" coolant. I dont buy that. Use your search engine on volvo anti-freeze and you will not doubt come up with their answere. Besides it cant be but 6 or 7 bucks a gal, You are not spending that much more on 2 gallon. I try to cover my self and use fluids recommended by manufacture even tho sometimes I dont fully agree. If a problem arises, and you are following their procedures, then they cant say "Your fault".

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