Sheet metal damage.....


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Sheet metal damage.....

Wife came up the drive today with the tractor and sorta forgot about the forks sticking out on the front end, and as a result, our 98 Accord has a trunk lid with a heck of indention......I looked at the side panels and everthing, and I think the only thing hurt in the lid itself ( and the TN license plate because that where the fork centered )....

So, I'm considering buying a new lid, ( really DON'T want to bondo and all the old one...)and the paint and clear coat to repaint the new one, then swapping over the lights and trunk release hardware.....

I have a REAL GOOD HVLP spray system that I use for stain and lacquer on cabinets, but never done any auto paint.

Can anyone give me some tips on spraying the paint, it's a metallic silver gray ( Honda Heather Mist ) ,and how many clear coats go on top ????

Thanks !


Oh, and IF I need any new tools for this, right now her guilt trip ticket has a BUNCH of frequent flyer miles, so the sky is pretty much the limit !!!
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Lightbulb Sheet metal damage

I think you will need a new Porter Cable variable speed buffer,and a good quality D/A sander and a whole bunch of 3M finishing products.
I have had good luck with DuPont paint products base/clear
make sure if there is any metalic in the paint that you keep it stirred well and paint 2 different overlapping coats.On the clear you should only have to use 1 coat.
Hope That Helps,
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Ya, that buffer sounds good ......."can't do the job without one, honey " will come in handy in my cabinet work.....

Appreciate the tips on the paint. Somebody over on another forum was telling me about PPG paints and they have a scanner deal that they can hold to the side of the car, or any part of it you come bringing in of at least 9 sq inches and it will get the paint match right on the money.
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Sheet metal damage

I like ppg products also I just use Dupont because the local
ppg dealers don't give that much support.
Hope the buffer deal works,
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Your homeowner's or vehicle insurance should cover it, you can go that route.

My opinion? Buy the trunk lid, have it sprayed professionally and do the R&R yourself and you'll be ahead of the game.
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Myself, I wouldnt touch it. Let ins cover it. If you scratch it up doing replacement after the paint job, you are out.
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No help here.....but......use those miles till ya drop!
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Take it from a pro, leave that job to someone in the know. Without the proper knowledge, equipment & materials you don't stand a chance of doing a good job besides where do you plan on spraying these isocyanate loaded chemicals? Fed law states you MUST not expose these chemicals into the air unfiltered. use your Ins. and get a professional to repair this damage. You will never in a million years match this paint without blending into adjacent panels even with their paint matching computer. Viscosity, air pressure & type of equipment used can change the hue of any color (especially metallics) by many shades.

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