No Brakes


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No Brakes

Okay, here goes:

Wifes car
1992 Mazda 323
Front disk noise

I said I'll put on new front pads. She said no your not a professional brake man and this is a safety issue.

While putting on new pads, I supported the calipers on a bucket, but cannot say I didn't stress the hoses some.

With pads assembled have no peddle. No fluid leaks I can see.

During bleeding, lots of air, bled till all lines clean fluid and peddle hard. Short while later no peddle and by third bleeding using vacuum pump getting steady stream of air bubbles throughout process.

Noticed that the left caliper moves when pumping but passenger side does not.

Test drive last inch will slowly stop with pull to right and right lock up with slow speed hard peddle.

Got new master cylinder, and brake line for drivers wheel, thinking now its driver caliper (tough getting back together)

Please help
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You shouldn't see movement in the caliper. Based on the way the car pulls I would check the caliper slide sticking on the drivers side.

The air issue confuses me though

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You may have emptied the master cylinder by compressing the piston which may draw in air.

Change both calipers, hoses, rotors and friction. Bleed up and should be good to go.
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Just out of curiousity, why did you bleed the brakes after replacing pads? I don't normally have to bleed the system after replacing pad..Add fluid, yes, bleed no..
Another question, does this car have ABS?
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Changing Pads-No peddle

The reason I bled the brakes after changing pads is that there wasn't any peddle when done.

I think Joe_f and toyotaman both have it...

Bled some more still sucking air. Went to drivers side, caliper still moved so I got wire hangar and hung it from spring so as not to stress the brake hose. Using a bright light, I carefully inspect everything for evidence of leak. Afer finding none, I looked at the bolts... tip had some fat threads.

Tapped the holes, tap went half way then tougher. Cut new threads. Using a paint stir stick broken in pieces and clamped together I made a spacer a little wider than the rotor. Pumped brakes. Caliper piston closed tight on sticks. Pushed back piston slightly, then removed one thickness, now less than width of rotor and pumped again. Closed tight. Pushed piston back to fit rotor, reinstalled with new screws tightened up with no caliper movement this time.

Put everything back and had peddle, good brakes, drove around block felt okay. Was going to bleed again see whats up make sure I was sucking fluid. Had to go and replace a sill on mom's house and when I came back noticed the car gone. Wife comes home from shopping... Honey, how'd the car do? Fine. Notice anything funny with the brakes? No, it works great stops real good! Okay... I guess....

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