Engine Swap


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Engine Swap

I want to install a 1985 ford 460 engine in a 1989 ford f-250 4wd.
Is there a company that makes some kind of a adapter plate for that kind of engine swap?

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I would try http://www.advanceadapters.com/ if they do not make what you need try your local machine shop, they might be able to machine you one up it you can trace them a template. depending on the transmission and original motor you might not even need and adaptor. I dont know were you live, but most of the time to stay emissions legal you have to swap in a same year model or newer motor.
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You don't necessarily need an adapter plate as the 460 was offered in F-250 & F-350s. Grab the transmission from the donor truck (if auto) or bellhousing if manual trans. Also get all engine accessory brackets, engine mounts & mount brackets, the radiator, cooling fan and shroud, exhaust manifolds & y-pipe, engine wiring, fuel tank (s) and pumps, fuel lines, etc.

You'll want to use an '89 or newer engine anyway as it has EFI and is MUCH more fuel efficient than the older Holley carbureted 460s.

Weldgod was 100% right about emissions compliance. Your engine must be of the same emissions class (truck) and the same year as your truck or newer. You must keep all emission equipment intact to remain in compliance with the law.

This is a federal law, but it is enforced at the state level. If your state has no emission testing, you'll be able to get away with it for awhile, but ALL states will eventually have some sort of emissions inspection program, so you might as well do it right the first time.
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I agree with these guys, but the question is why?

Why put a 1985 carbureted pig into a vehicle that has better running fuel injection? The FI Fords are far superior to the carbureted ones in every way.

What's in the truck now?

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