no brakes-hard pedal


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Gauge could just be acting silly. So long as it is normal, no cause for concern
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Looking back to the begining of this thread:

Is it possible some one by mistake added something other than brake fluid?( ps fluid, oil, etc) One time we purchased brake fluid and power steering fluid that the containers were identical except for the lettering. We trashed that stuff fast, what problems it caused!
It will swell the cups in the master cly and cover the compensating ports. That will give you a high and hard pedal. After driven for a short while the heat and resulting expansion will lock-up the brakes. After sitting and cooling down they will release.

You said their was some thing wrong with the master cly cap, could the rubber been swollen? Also some yellowish leaking out?
That's usually a tell-tale sign of contaminated brake fluid.

If so, if it's been in there awhile every piece of rubber is trash, master cly, abs unit, calipers, hoses, wheel cly, etc

By the way I have seen this scenario played out many times, quick lubes, shops, owners, vandalism. Long shot it could be covered under your insurance if you have coverage?

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My cent.. Based on what you said about the peddle being VERY hard to push, and that you mentioned no one seemed to really look at your car, there is a possibility that the booster is malfunctioning.. If codes were retrieved, then there most likely is something wrong with the ABS, also... USUALLY, when an ABS pump goes out, the pedal is soft, and stays soft..

But as Joe and all the rest have said, ask around for a reputable shop or dealership, have it checked and fixed.. Driving as you've described is VERY dangerous!!
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O my gosh,Larry,it makes so much sence!I've seen mechanic in the shop I used added some fluid in my master cylynder from unmarked container.At that time we found rubber seal in the cap DRIED OUT,not swollen.He didn't have gasket to replace,so I went across the street in autostore and bought a new one.About 2 month later ABS amber light came on and after my brakes locked up first time I opened the cap to see exploding br. fluid AND yellowish film on the gasket Also the pattern:works when cool,then locks up,relises when cools down.But this is much worse than just pump! It's catastrophe! What should Ido?I dont have any extra protection from my insuranse-only what required by law -remember-car is 13 years old.My rear calipers were done last august at very same shop,should I make them look at it to see if it's destroed?Can I see anything when I'll take weels off?
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Since so many people (including yourself) have added fluid, anyone could have been the culprit of adding bad/wrong fluid. It will be tough to pin blame on any one person.

As mentioned, the ONLY thing you can do is get it to someone competent who can diagnose, fix and restore the braking to 100%. Do it without delay, this is a dangerous vehicle to drive!

If you hit someone, you can kill or greatly hurt them or yourselves, and the price of the parts will be the least of your worries .

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