How to reprogram the CAR ECU chip


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Question How to reprogram the CAR ECU chip

Dear All,
if i want to reprogram my car ECU chip so that i can 100% performance of my car ,how to do it ?
What tools and program did i need ?
And, where on the WWW can more info on this ?

Pls advise

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The year, make and model would be a collosal start....

Hypertech is one of the more well known of the "custom" chip builders out there.

Most "high performance" chips are nothing but trouble as they alter the stock fuel curve and cause headaches which have to be subsequently reversed later on.

A chip generally nets you zero. Depending on the engine, exhaust work, head work, carb/intake work and internal work are what make an engine (engine wise).

Waste of money in my belief.
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Re: How to reprogram the Car ECU

Dear Joe,
Thx for ur advise,,anyway i would like to try how much performance i can gain by reprogram the EPROM/ECU only without add on any parts on it
btw, can u recomend any tools and program can scanning the Japanese (Honda/Toyota) CAR ECU parameter and reprogram it

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Depends on the vehicle.

Again, adding just the chip nets you zero in the real world. With stock components, only so much fuel, air and spark and exhaust can be delivered.

Modifications must be done in systems/pairs/coordination. There is no "horsepower in a box".

As for who is best on the Japanese tin for modding, I would say just go to and look up Performance Chips in the search box. You should find plenty of companies.

No one is better than the other.

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