Gear Ratio ??


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Gear Ratio ??


A young friend of my son is self-teaching himself to do repair/service in the Automotive field. He's also involved in drag Racing at the local Motorsports Park. Anyway, my son had mentioned to him about me and THIS site. He asked me if I could post a question for him. I couldn't answer it myself, so here it is. This is all the info I have, if more needed to answer it, let me know.

He has a 1996 Mustang Cobra and he wants to know if it has 4:11 gears and wants to know how to tell or what steps to take to find out. He said someone told him an easy way, but he can't remember what they said and doesn't know if they were BS'ing him or not.

I'd appreciate if you could help me help him out. TIA and take care.

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Jack up the car. Spin the tires. Count the tire revolutions versus how many turns the yoke on the shaft makes. Should be your ratio as I recall.

Better way is to just look up the codes on the door jamb sticker with a Ford dealer and they will tell you, even by just giving the VIN #.

I think it was changed. No car would come 4.11 from the factory today unless race prepped/Special model.

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