1990 Cavalier RS


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Question 1990 Cavalier RS

Hi there, I have a 90 cavalier rs 3.1 multiport FI 5speed.My problem is to do with the cooling system.I really think it's the head gasket but it seems to puzzle me.What happend is every week or so i have to put in coolant.It will work great.I never have a loss for power,runs a little rough once in a while but not bad at all.Anyways i just changed all coil packs because it had a miss under certain loads.turned out to be a corroded cam sensor.(at the module)no biggie fixed the miss.But with the headgsket problem,oil appears good coolant when its in there LOL looks good.But once in a while when i park it let idle for a min and then it blows apx 1/2 to 1 cup a guess of coolant through the overflow.I was always under the impression that if the head or gasket was bad it wouldnt run well at all?Not saying im not wrong.Anyhow do you guys have any suggestions?The cars in great shape given me good service,i'd hate to give up on her now.......Thanks. Go Chev Go
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darrell McCoy
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depends on how bad and where the gasket is blown determines if it might run bad. Normally tho engine will run hotter than it should. Maybe you have an intake leak? Not head gasket. You can have the system pressurized and should be able to see if you have a gasket leaking. Adding fluid however should tell you you have an internal leak. I drove a 2.8 engine for 6 months like this and finally blessed a car dealer with it. He sold it next day and I have not heard any more, so guessing it must have run at least another 30 days.
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I agree with Mr. McCoy.. It is possible for a head gasket to "seep" which might explain the slight miss you have. I've worked on cars where they heat a little higher than normal, but never really overheat, and seem to run ok, just miss a little..
By all means, get it checked. Head gaskets (labor wise) can be a little expensive, but a new set of heads are a whole lot worse!
Not only get it pressure checked, but also there is a little kit that can check for presence of exhuast gases in the coolant..(block check) . A decent shop with a gas analyzer can tell if coolant is in the exhuast also..
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Agree with both posters

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