1993 Mitsu White Smoke from tailpipe?


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1993 Mitsu White Smoke from tailpipe?

Today when I started my car up, while it was idling, I could see
white smoke coming from the tailpipe. When I drove off it stopped and it hasnt done it again so far.

What could this be a sign of? I smelled no gasoline.

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it could be several things such as normal condensation in the exhaust.
could be a headgasket or head problem causing antifreeze to get into cylinder, should notice coolant loss if coolant remains full likely not the problem.
valve guide seals if the engine has alot of miles and uses some oil it will usually smoke on start up after sitting for awhile.
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I agree. If the smoke smells sweet, the car is burning coolant. Bad head gasket or cracked cylinder head.
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Most likely it is just condensation from inside your exhaust. If you are burning water/coolant, check your coolant levels and take notice of how engine coolant smells. Then stand a foot or so behind the car and see if you can smell coolant from the tailpipe.

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