Honda Power Steering Fluid


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Ted Gibson
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Honda Power Steering Fluid

Is it absolutely necessary to use Honda Power Steering Fluid in my 1985 Honda?

If not do you have a more economical alternative fluid?

Do you recommend using a power steering sealer?

If so, what brand do you recommend?

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This subject has come up a couple of times. While you don't need to use fluid that Honda themselves market, you DO need to use fluid that says that it's approved for Hondas on the label. Might check to see what the $ difference would be between the stuff you can buy at the dealer and some Honda-approved stuff from your local parts store. If the price difference is not excessive, use the factory stuff. One can or bottle should last a good long time unless you've got some leaks. Power steering "sealers" really do nothing more than help condition the seals; they will not fix leaks normally. I don't use them, but I know plenty of people who do and they're essentially harmless. My wife's '95 Camry with 150,000 miles has the original pump on it and has only ever had regular fluid in it (Toyota uses atf fluid).
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I agree with TowGuy.

Use the Honda fluid. It's not that expensive. If you have to add fluid, you have a leak. Correct it.

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