Xenon headlamps


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Xenon headlamps

i just got my brand new 2003 jetta.. but i'm disappointed in that it does not have those awesome cool-blue HID Xenon headlamps.. can i just buy a HID Xenon bulb from Sylvania and replace it in my headlights? Or do i need to replace the entire headlamp housing and lens for this? if all i need to do is change the bulb i'll do it. much thanks in advance!
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I'm sure you can just find replacement bulbs, but those things are expensive and ANNOYING.

The headlights will be the least of your problems if it's anything like my sister's 2000 Jetta....a lot of problems, poor quality.
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be carefull

I have been advised by owners of Toyota Matrix they have there own site Be carefull that you do not exceed the wattage of the stock lights you can damage the wire harness.To high of wattage can melt the connectors.I would think this also applys to the VW.
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Yes it does. Happened to a relative of a guy at work with a Galant. Wasted the whole wiring harness.

Is it really worth it?
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True HID isn't just a "bulb", it is a whole system that includes the bulb and the "power supply" called a ballast. A true HID system will run you from $500 to $1k or more depending on the manufacturer. For more info, visit http://www.mccullochhid.com/index2.htm, they are one of the best aftermarket manufacturers and are also the cheapest.

"HID" bulbs that you see are only whiter/bluer bulbs that may or may not put out more power or light than stock bulbs. As mentioned, watch the wattage! Setting you wires on fire with too high a wattage bulb is not a good thing.
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In Pennsylvania if you put those bulbs in you will get a fine,consider your local ordinances also.Wallpaper is right it is a system not just a bulb,those headlights annoy me to be honest.

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