body work & paint(suggestion)

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body work & paint(suggestion)

How about a new forum involving body work & spraying a vehicle in this forum?,i think it would get alot of attention for the novice tryin to save alot of $ doing there own vehicles & this would be a good place for folks to get good advice on this subject from any "experianced" individuals who happens to come across this forum
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While it's surely a noble suggestion.....

The forum administrator would have to approve of that, plus you have to find moderators which are in short supply . (These forums are a ton of work) .

The best suggestions:

1) Take a course at the local vocational school;
2) Read up on it through trade magazines, car mags, and manufacturer literature.
3) Be prepared to spend money on a compressor, gun, paint, enviornmental/safety supplies and what not.

You do not want everyone and their brother painting at home. First, it may be illegal in certain states. Secondly, the equipment to properly capture paint vapors costs several thousands of dollars. Venting the paint fumes into the air is not a good thing to do! (Not only that, you can cause an explosion if you don't know what you are doing).

4) It takes skill to do a job right. Body work is an art. As crass as it sounds, some folks have it, some don't. It takes years of experience.

In the grand scheme of things? After you buy the equipment? You won't save much unless you're going to paint quite a few cars.

The best way to save money is to do the diassembly, parts sourcing and small jobs yourself and leave the heavy duty work to a pro with the right equipment and knowledge to do it right.

If it's worth doing yourself, the only way to do it is right!
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Joe,im a professional body n paint,my own side bussiness started with my son,only places its "illegal" is in a comunity where your neighbor is only "feet" away from your garage,im talking about someone lookin for good advice who wants to learn & not spend all the $ on schools n such but has good common sense & mechanical knowledge & has an air compressor & garage to do it,more & more people are doing this now a days becuase of the good technology that spray guns have & types of paint are very easy to spray any more,i mainly use a Devilbiss gti millenium HVLP you can get anywhere from 300-450$,any "novice" can use it with a little common sense & get high quality results,we also just purchased a cheep cambell hausfeld hvlp 1.4 mm tip for 60$ for mainly priming & spraying frames,sons freind borrowed it to paint his jeep,looked like a pro sprayed it & he "never" sprayed before in his life,he just took good advice & learned,people wanna know how to even do some body work before they send it to say..maaco,for one of those cheep spray jobs,most folks dont know the process of etch primer for bare metal,sealer/primer,epoxy,ect ect & what steps to take on body filler or glaze,this "is" an automotive forum,was just tryin to make a good suggestion for folks who want to"do it your self"
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As I said, ya made a good point. But I'd hate to be your neighbor wiffing all those fumes. The EPA ain't gonna like it either. LOL.

I suppose I can just run my engines without catalytic converters and smoke out the neighborhood too.

My point: We have air quality laws in the country. You need a good education on how to do body work. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it. The right way is an investment in equipment, of which enviornmental and safety are part of.

Think about it this way: if I started up a chemical company in your backyard and emitted everything into the air you breath, well, ya would want to have me locked up.

In the same respect, spraying paint does just that. That is why it has to be properly controlled.
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here we go againfirst of all,1i own over 150 acres of property as my homestead,my "Custom shop" is well equipped with all law abiding equip.,up to par.
2Ive seen only a "few" good body men that actualy "ever" went to school,im not talkin yer local maaco that hires kids outta high school techs for minumum wages as "apprentices",just another "cheep way out" of paying the standard pay scale for the work,any "good" body man,is usually someone that took the interest "after" school,im talkin about custom body,paint,sheet metal fabricators,that doesnt come from schooling,it comes from a "want" & a little talent
3,if your so concerned about someone in this forum about complying to "laws".then what about all the chemicals in a woodshop?,such as stains,polyurathane,"paints" that have the same chemicals as auto paints?,ect ect,i dont see where those forums on "this" website has "any" problem talking about how to use them in a backyard?
4i wasnt talking about someone starting a "professional" body shop in their garage in the local populated community,ya know people"do" such little jobs such as repair a panel,fix a ding or dent,need windsheild replacement,body adjustments(hoods,doors,hatches,ect),a little bondo fix,rust repair,right in there garage,that is "not" illegal
5th & most of all"every" car talk forum i have seen has great "body work" forum,i was just suggesting so people could interact on this sitealso,but,oh well,geuss this site isnt for the "do it youself" individual after all,seems all it is is someone saying"take it to your local shop,spend the big $ on it"we cant give you advice because it "might" be illegal?
oh well,geuss this site isnt for me or the "do it yourself" individual after all......count me out.....seems all it is if a moderator is wrong about something & actually knows "nothing" on what he is speaking on,he uses "laws" to say he's right,i mean,if everyone complied with all the laws,there wouldnt be "any" work done out of a homeowners garage would there?,you wouldnt even be spraying a can of paint on your wifes plant stand,,point made,im goneeeeeee,oh & by the way,geuss this one wont make it on the bourd cause "im right",huh?
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I shouldn't even have to respond to this, but I'll go for it

1) If you've been reading stain and house paint cans in the past 10 years, you'd know that the VOC content is probably half of what it was in the 80's. So, it's NOT the same thing with regard to application and air quality.

Automotive paint such as what comes out of a spray gun as we're talking about is made to be used by a PROFESSIONAL with training in a PROFESSIONAL enviornment in controlled conditions.

2) The reason why we have VOC laws and others are the reasons you state----people that use the product who shouldn't and do so in the wrong enviornment.

3) For the same reason, a lot of the body guys that you speak of have cancer and health problems because they "roughed" it and did it the old fashioned way without taking care of themselves.

Newsflash: The "good old days" of body work weren't so good for those that ruined their health due to ignoring safety and enviornmental laws.

Sounds like you're pretty gung ho on this one, so again, as I first suggested, you can contact the administrator with your idea. Perhaps you'll volunteer to be the moderator too.

Until then, post closed.
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