Ignition stuck in "Run"

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Smile Ignition stuck in "Run"

I have a 92 Ford Taurus 3.0l with a starting problem. The ignition is "stuck" in the "Run" position though you can turn the key. If you turn the key to the "Acc." or "Start" position nothing changes and all the idot lights remain lit, even if you remove the key. I replaced the ignition key lock cylinder but the problem remained the same. I did get it to start (once) by putting a screw driver in the key lock cylinder cavity and turning. The car started but I could not turn it off. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance for your help. Chris
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Check your shift linkage for binding and damaged parts.
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Sounds like an ignition switch or the mechanical connection between the lock cylinder and switch,GM cars use a rod I forget what Ford used.
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Yes, it sounds like the rod that connects the tumbler assembly to the electrical switch is broken. I believe they call it an actuator rod. It's made of a light-weight metal (cast aluminum?) and break "frequently" (meaning on a lot of fords, not necessarily on the same car) You'll have to remove the steering wheel, and partially diassemble the column to replace it. If there's an air bad, let a qualified tech do the job.
A quick way to check if this is the problem is to reach under the dash, (you'll probably have to remove a couple lower covers first) place your fingers on the top of the steering column shaft. You should be able to feel the rod as it runs from the key/tumbler to the electrical switch. At the same time, try moving the key from position to position, you should be able to feel the rod move with every movement of the key. If the rod doens't move exactly with the key, and has a loose feel to it, it's broken..
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Thanks mSargent! It took 4 hrs. of searching to find your excellent answer!

4 hours of total frustration google searching the internet just trying to find out where the blasted ignition switch was located. It is very obvious that the ignition switch actuator rod is broken simply because the key cylinder FEELS like it is not mechanically connected to anything. I'm 500 miles away from my tools and all I really needed to know is where the ignition switch was so that I could attempt to manually operate that broken rod to start the car and drive it to a repair shop. You answered that question perfectly!

I shall now return to the top of that bell tower overlooking Ford Motor Company and retrieve my truck load of assault rifle ammo. I won't say what my intentions were - I think maybe I'll just keep that a secret. =))

Thanks again!


PS.. very funny signature LOL!

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S U G G E S T E D W O R K A R O U N D ?

Has anyone found a way to remove the ignition switch from the top of the steering column so that it can be 'rigged' for operation free of the key lock cylinder and its actuator rod?

If I could just SEE a photo of the side of the ignition switch where the actuator rod connects to it AND know how it connects, it would probably be a simple matter to fabricate an external to-the-dash actuator rod (like a modified aftermarket carburetor choke cable) to regain its functionallity.

$400 to have this repaired is NOT an acceptable repair cost for a $400 car.

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Wink ign. switch

On Ford taurus thie ign switch is on the side of the steering column between the stg. wheel and dash there is an upper & lower cover on your steering column. If you look up under it you will see 4 screw holes. It will take a Phillips screwdriver(#2) remove these 4 screws & the plastic covers and WALAH!! there's your ign switch!! You may have to buy a set of tamperproof torx bits toget it off. Once you get it off you can see how your rod goes into it and work it by hand. MAXCHEVY
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GRISS knows where and how to get the ignition out, but he is 500 miles from his tools, like his post said. He is trying to rig it up out of the column.

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