1994 Saturn Troubles


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Angry 1994 Saturn Troubles

Hey guys, this is my first post. I hope you can give some insight to my problems.

1994 Saturn SC2 DOHC
103,000 miles

1) My car about 2 months ago was jerking (like I was riding a bull), so I figured it was in need of a tune-up. I replaced the plugs and wires. This fixed the problem, but ever since the temp. gauge goes up all the way to the edge of the upper limit, then it will all of a sudden, lower to about midpoint. This process will continue repediateally. I took the car to the dealer and they said it was the coolent temp sensor, so I had them replace it. The problem never went away, so I thought it might be the thermostat. I replaced the thermostat, and I did a complete collen system drain and I filled it with new coolent. The problem still exists.

2) My accelerator pedal was sticking, so I took the intake hoses off of the throttle body and cleaned out the inside of the throttle body. There was a ton of oil and goup that came out. (This fixed the problem), anyways, I started the car and took the oil fill cap off, and noticed there was a lot of air pressure pulsating out of the oil fill cap. Is this normal? Could this be the reason for the car burning so much oil?

Thanks in advance,

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1) Temperature gauge. Normal condition. See the owner's manual, it describes that it is a normal condition. The fans come on VERY late on Saturns.

The dash gauge is optimistic at best, but as long as the cooling fan is going on, you should be OK.

2) Saturns burn oil, yours likely has a good amount of blowby. Make sure the PCV valve is new and the hoses to it are not cracked.

Beyond that, it's "Normal" for Saturns. They have oil consumption issues.

(My mother has a 1993 Saturn SL2...lower mileage than this one).
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If you replace PVC valve, just replace the hose, a buck more. Seen some that looked good but due to age, would suck themselves closed. On a couple, it seemed to help some on the oil consumption.

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