how about #3 and final?

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Wink how about #3 and final?

Bad grammar?,lmao,it is called"personality"on a computer,as in "real life personality",never heard of short hand?.You should,you are a "parts man" ....& by the way,i dont "have" to put my $ where my mouth is,I "do" the work "professionaly".I dont just sit & read magazines & manuals to "try" to be A "Professional Automotive Advisor",I "DO" the work.
That "Bad Grammar" insult only showed your poor intellegence & bad attitude toward "all" of the good folks on this forum."You"kind of inserted foot in mouth again, huh?,Take a look at "all" the threads posted by people looking for good advise,i geuss you are saying "you" are laughing at their "Bad Grammar" also? How professional is that?Maybe you need to actually go work at a "true" professional automotive shop & see if "anyone" is a "perfect grammar student",lmaooo...Do i smell a "Pep Boys ASE certified Manual & Mitchell Data Base information" graduate "trying" to "give" advice as a professional automotive technician? Im thinking maybe there should be a "Parts Counter Forum" on here for you,it seems to fit a little better

P.S>take long good look at my quote about "dreams" & take it to heart,maybe you will do much better in "society"
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Body Work

Dude, chill out! All Joe is saying is that most body work is a bit too expensive and difficult for your normal diy'er. In fact, If I were you I'd view that as a compliment. Most of us don't have 150 acres and, HAVE to worry about what the hell our neighbor is doing in thier garage. It's called consideration. It has nothing to do about dreams.

My neighbor used to own his own body shop and was the best body guy I'd ever seen. He also got sicker than a dog and was forced to sell his shop for health reasons. Bottomline: You really have to be careful with this stuff.


I've left you a bunch of periods above. Please feel free to sprinkle them about your sentences when posting. Thank you!
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lmao,another grammar mechanic?......proper respirators &Protective clothing "do" prevent "health problems",and they do not cost much at all to buy,ive been doing it since i was a teenager & im quite healthy for a 42 yr old that has been it that long,no health problems what so ever,i was just stating "facts",Joe blew it "all" out of proportion
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I'll say it one more time.

Take the bull by the horns, contact the forum administrator, set up the forum and moderate it. Until you do that, you're blowing smoke. Nothing better than a troll with a spray gun .

No one has blown this out of proportion but you. As a "professional" you should know that. You should also know the laws, the regulations, the safe way to do things and the proper way to act. You've yet to show that here.

If you read my signature file and profile, you'd actually have a clue about what I do. But, I suspect that you don't actually have one.

This diatribe's closed (big word for ya huh?)
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