Sounds and feels lousy when it cranks


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Sounds and feels lousy when it cranks

Kudos to the moderators! You guys are doing a terrific job and seem very knowledgeble.
Best auto web forum!

I own a Chevy Blazer 2000, Ls, 2wd, 2door, automatic, 4.3 vortec.It's got 55k miles.

When I bought it this past January, I noticed how the vehicle shook, sort of vibrated more than it should and the noises that went along upon cranking the engine.
It was an intermitent problem, thou.

About a month ago, my neighborhood mechanic advised me to replace the transmission mount.
I crawled under there and did it myself, "piece of cake".
The transmission mount looked half worned and with some play.
The problem improved but did not go away completely.

My mechanic inspected it again, did some tests and informed me that the motor mounts where also bad.
A couple of weekends ago, we replaced both motor mounts succesfully.
Sure enough, upon close inspection, one could see they had come separated,unglued from the top plates.
My replacement mounts where purchased at Auto Zone, made in Korea, $29.98 each

The difference when starting the engine was like night and day.
I was very pleased and relieved for a while until recently.
A few days ago after driving on the highway for a long while, I stopped for gas, when I cranked the engine to depart, some of the ugly noises where back again,along with a bit of vibration.
I've been paying close attention and it seems to sound worse when the engine is hot.

I had Japanese and European vehicles before this one and they all sounded and felt sweet when cranking.
I have also been paying attention to the sounds of other brands when they crank up.
I think if I where a blind man, I could distinguish between brands, just by listening.
I heard a Chevy Tahoe, a Sonoma and another Blazer similar in year to what I have and they sounded just like mine.
My question to you, guys: Am I been paranoid? My mechanic tells me that bad mounts can tear an engine apart.The sound that I hear seems to be coming from something banging against something for a few seconds, when starting.

Maybe this is a common trait among newer GMC and Chevys.
My mechanic and I have ruled out the flywheel or starter.
They sure don't make them like they used to!!
Motor mounts are supposed to last forever!
I'm worried that the aftermarket mounts I bought trying to save some money, have gone bad already.
I am definetely not buying newer American made,ever again.
Any advice or input in this matter will be most appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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darrell McCoy
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Check those mounts again. maybe you managed for some of inferior quality. This is just something you might check also. Seems some of those engines had noisy balance shaft bearings. Could this possibly be the noise??? I may be wrong on this. If so I stand to be corrected.
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The noise is there for only a few seconds.
After the engine turns, it's smooth as silk.
No vibrations at any speeds.
Oil pressure is good.
I'll have to check those new mounts again, I'm not happy about it,thou. We went thru hell to get those motor mounts in there.
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I agree that even if itís a pain itís a good idea to check the mounts again. Failing that I would not worry about it until you get an trouble light or another symptom.
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Umm, newer Japanese and European suffer WORSE problems and drain your wallet just as fast. Comes with the territory.

As you said "Ain't what they used to be" Newsflash: Same with European and Japanese vehicles .

With that being said, a quick check of reveals a couple of technical service bulletins that might apply. I would sugges going to and printing out the titles there. Then, see any GM dealer for a full copy of the bulletin and what the symptoms/fix might be. You probably will solve the problem this way.

Darrell is also right with his comments as well.
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Thanks for the advice, guys.
I was waiting to hear from Joe Cool to reply.
I checked all data and they want a $24. subscription.
I'm kind of tight with money at this time.....

Joe, when you mentioned that Darrell could be right:; What part of his advice where you refering to?
Can you give me any idea in regards to those bulletins?
Noisy balance shaft bearings? Poorly designed motor mounts?
Bulletin name & number? Whatever you can share would be most appreciated.

If this truck is going to start giving me problems, I think I'll stop making payments and let the repo man take it. My credit is already ruined. My exwife was a compulsive spender, home foreclosure , the works.
The dealer found me a financial company who's actually charging me 17% interest.

I'm making good money, hell, I'll save some and get an old fashioned, yesterday's S.U.V before having to deal with dealerships.
What year do you think the car manufacturers started making crap, in your estimate?
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The definition of "crap" is multilayered. Some car makers have been making crap since the day they started with their first unit. LOL.

Others have been OK. Umm, I wouldn't ruin your credit more than you have already. Good credit matters. Don't bail out. If you really can't afford the vehicle, turn it in and buy a beater to ge you buy. I never drive anything I do not own outright. I drive all older GM vehicles, but I'm free to sell them at any time and they all don't owe me a wooden nickel. I plan to keep them going for a long time in the future the way I take care of them. Geez, I sound like a Champion Loan commercial.

Follow me. Go to There you'll find a tab that says "Technical Bulletins and Recalls". Click it. Follow the directions and you'll get the bulletin titles for your vehicle. Print them out. Sit down and highlight any that you feel are similar to the problems you are having. Now, go to any GM dealer and ask them to print off copies of the full bulletins---they can find them by the bulletin #s from the titles you'll print. The titles are free on the FULL BULLETINS with the information are available when you buy a subscription.

Not to sound crass, but if you cannot afford $25 bucks a year for the proper repair information for the vehicle (that's getting away scot free, a GM manual for this is over $100 bucks), you're not in a position to be owning/driving that vehicle.

Study any bulletins that pertain to your problem. I'll bet one of them will match your symptoms and you'll know what the fix involves. As Darrell said, there are known problems with the balance shaft bearings---you'll see the title of the bulletin in Alldata when you print them out.

Not being able to afford the vehicle and having trouble are two entirely different matters at hand.
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JOE--One problem with your "TURN IT IN" theory. It still is classified as reposession, albeit on a voluntary basis. The consumer who does this is still laible for the difference in what they sell it for and what they deem it is worth. This is fact, so before you "turn it in" or "let it get repo'ed" think about do you want to have to pay for something you no longer own.
Just my .02 worth.

Sirgo..... If you find out what TSB you think will help you let me know. send me an email and I will see if I can find the TSB for you. We have Alldata at the European shop where I work. (we have all the dvd's, even for American and Asian cars)

P.S. You never explained the sounds you are hearing. This would be a great help in diagnosing your problem.
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True, but having them forcefully repossess the car is alot worse---they will charge you MORE fees and it looks worse on your credit record.

Again, never buy what you cannot truly afford. That is why I own older cars which are paid for in full. Unless a car is a classic, it's a money pit appliance. In that case, own it outright .

Original poster: As noted, the sounds would be helpful, although tough for us to figure out without actually hearing it. Has it done it since you got the truck? Where did you buy it? Have you brought it back to GM to have them look at it? Might get a free repair.
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Thank you all for your input. Your advice has been definetely, most helpful.
Thanks a lot in particular to Billy for offering his help in looking up that bulletin for me.I plan to privately contact you with the required info.
Like I said before, I make plenty of money. I bought this car within my budget, it's just that I had a bunch of unexpected expenses recently. I have to watch every penny for the next few months until I can swimm out of the hole I'm in.
Joe, I think it's an excellent policy to promote and I shall be purchasing my subscription, soon.

My God, the bulletin on the noisy balance shaft bearing makes sense as far as my problem goes. I was only able to read the title.The bulletin in question has the word explanation in it at the end, so I feel better. Maybe my engine will not have to be opened after all.
I couldn't believe my eyes when learning this bulleting affects similar model vehicles since 95 up to 03, the present.

I researched the subject further and learned how some amateur car racers removed the balance shaft and or bearings, I'm not sure, in order to gain horse power or something.
Consequently, the cars shake and tremble when this is done.This is what my car does, except it only lasts a few seconds and it's gone.
The noise that I hear and forgot to describe is like something getting banged against something.I guess from the sudden tremble that takes place when I crank it up.
I have to look real close for two rubbing spots.I suspect the manifold or the muffler.I wish I had an assistant to crank it up for me while I'm under there.
I haven't inspected the new motor mounts yet, but I think whatever it is that's wrong is what ruined them to begin with.
For the record, my warranty expired 60 days after purchase.The noise was there from the beginning, off and on. I took it to the dealer the first week and after explaining it to the mechanic, the noise would not duplicate in their presence, it mysteriously dissapeared, naturally, they looked at me kind of funny and tought I was crazy.

Sure enough, it did it again the next day at home in my driveway and while no experts where around.

I shall keep posting for everybody's benefit until a final outcome.

Hey, you guys, I guess I made you feel happy, proud and justified for owning those great american classics of yester years!!

I saw a report on C.N.N today about GMC and the deteriorating quality of their product beginning in 1979 up until 2002.
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If you trust the news to tell you what cars are good and which are not, I have a few bridges for sale.

Best person to talk to as to what is good and what is not are the people that repair them. (or don't) . They can give you a good idea of what they see on each model. Chances are they see it over and over again .

As for GM being "bad" after 1979, that's bunk because in 1979 GM had 60% market share in this country. Also, 1978 and 1979 GM models in most cases were virtually identical and made in the same plants, so I don't see how 1978 could be "good" and 1979 bad. LOL.

As for etc, I always recommend you have the right information to fix the vehicle. Again, you wouldn't go to a doctor that was using a 1982 medical book to treat your condition, you'd want him/her to have the best and updated information. In turn, your vehicle repairs should be the same way! .
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I have one thing to say and I will get off of my Soap Box. As with any information that was written by man it is subject to scrutiny, but we have a joke around the shop instead of "ALLDATA" it is either "SOME DATA" or "NO DATA" The only real benefit of Alldata over conventional book methods is that it is electronic, and easier to search, it cuts the troubleshooting time way down, except in the many instances where there is no information on your subject.
Joe..... Do you have stock in ALLDATA??????

Sirgo....... I worked at a Chrysler Dealership and I would have to say considering the info I have seen, pretty much all of the OE's have their share of problems. I wouldnt bash one without taking that into account. I have talked to guys at all of the local Domestic as well as Foreign Dealerships and there is manufacturing problems across the board. Personally, and this is not my view alone, I think the reason is because they build them too fast. I mean you have an assembly line that is miles in length and their goal is a new, complete car rolls off in a designated amount of minutes!!!!!! NOT HOURS, MINUTES!!!
If you plan to contact me privately... please put your user name or something recognizable from here in the subject line, as I get LOTS of junk that I delete every day.

Sorry for the long banter guys,
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Lol. No stock in Alldata.

However, $25.00 is a good alternative to spending 100 plus bucks on a factory OEM manual.

However, I own all the OEM manuals for every one of my cars and they are worth every penny. I probably paid 1/3 of the cost of a new book.

Good deals on OEM books are out there, just have to be a smart shopper .

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