What isn't wrong with my van?!!!


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Unhappy What isn't wrong with my van?!!!

I have a 1992 Ford Econoline 150 conversion van with several problems.

1st of all, I have a duel a/c system with a rear "something-or-other" that has gone out AGAIN!!!! I had if fixed two years ago, at a great cost, and I thought the problem was solved. However, yesterday afternoon, the hottest part of the day, it went out again. I can not afford to get it fixed again so I went to my local auto parts store and explained to the guy behind the counter that the rear a/c went out and that the blower moter in the back was not working. It usually makes a loud whirring, humming sound but it wasn't doing that anymore and there was no air coming out of the back vents. So, I bought what I thought was the right part.

I soon found out that the part was wrong and when I called the auto parts store to see if maybe the store made a mistake and sold me the wrong part, I was told that the part was correct for the problem I discribed. It is the WRONG part first of all, and second, I have no clue how to change it out. I can not figure out how to remove the old part so I can take it to the store and show them what I need.

My next problem is that I NEED to change out my fuel filter and according to my handy-dandy automotive repair manual, I am to disconnect the fuel pump switch (or inertia switch) to relieve the fuel pressure before I remove the filter. The only problem is that I can not for the life of me find that stupid switch. The book states that it is located on the passenger side cowl panel, forward of the right front door. I have looked everywhere for that stupid switch and can't find it.

If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Yours truely,

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Return the part to the parts store, get your money back and go to the Ford dealer or another parts store and order the right part. Sometimes, with things like this, the replacement motors are "universal" and have to be spliced in or the leads soldered, etc. Depends on the application. You'd see this in appliance parts sometimes as well.

As for the fuel filter change, you can probably change the fuel filter without disabling the pump. You must shield your eyes, skin and extinguish ALL sources of sparks and static electricity.
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Should be a notch in that passenger side kick panel at the top. Reach your finger in the notch and down; you should find the inertia switch.

As joe says, tho, as long as the ignition switch is off, the pump won't energize anyway and when you crack a line open the pressure will quickly relieve itself.
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Just for general info, fed-up.. The inertia switch doesn't look like a normal switch, with a toggle lever, it's a small box, with a round push-button on the top.. Looks more like a circuit breaker.. And yes, they can be a pain to locate sometimes..
Another option for this procedure, is locate the fuel pump relay, and remove it. Crank the engine a couple times, (it may actually start and then die..) this will relieve the pressure from the fuel system. Also, when you're done replacing the fuel filter, and have replaced the relay, cycle the ignition key 3-4 times before actually starting the engine. This will build up the fuel pressure to proper specs.. Running injectors dry can be kinda rough on them sometimes..
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And don't forget if you DO find the inertia switch, it has to be reset afterwards - also a pain.
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You can alternatively wrap the fuel filter/line with a heavy shop towel when removing it to absorb the fuel. Again, watch your eyes and skin!

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