Trailor wiring


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Trailor wiring

Can someone please help? I borrowed my father in laws trailor, and managed to mangle the wiring harness. I am trying to replace it. The 4 wire connections I have are green, yellow, brown and white from my vehicle. His trailor has green, brown, red, and white. I talked to the place that installed my harness they told me

white to white
yellow to red
brown to green
green to brown

This combination does not allow all the lights to work. Any suggestions?

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Whoa Nelley. Stop there.

Go to any parts store that stocks trailer connectors and get the correct vehicle and trailer side connector for your application. There are direct plug ins that use the factory harness. No splicing needed.

Best and only way to go.
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I have purchased the harness the problem is with the wiring on the trailer. As I stated before the trailor wire colors are different than what my vehicle and they harness has.
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Are you sure they all worked before? Is it just lights not lighting or is it that the t-signals are flashing the wrong side?
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Yes all lights were working previously. When I first rewired as discribed in original post everything woked but the right turnsignal. Now in that same combo just the tail lights work and are very bright. I have checked all the grounds, just looking for some suggestions.
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Quick fix guess: switch your wires so its green to green and brown to brown. Most likely you've got the clearence lights wired to the bright side (stop/turn) of the trailer.

Good fix: Get a test ligh, piece of paper, and pen and find what wire on the plug from your vehicle is linked to what function. Usually its brown for clearence (always on with the headlights on), yellow for t-sig one side(flashing with one t-sig on), green for t-sig the other side(flashing with the other t-sig on), and white for ground(no light). Once you know which wire from the vehicle is to power what look at the color of the wires at the lights on the trailer. You should have a wire of the same color going to each light (usually brown for clearence)then you will have a wire of a different color going one to each light for your t-sig/brake usually the yellow (red in the case of your trailer) to one side and the green to the other. Last if you can see it there will be a ground that goes to some point of the frame of the trailer (white). Note I'm just guessing at the colors as thats the way all the trailers i've ever had were wired. Once you know what color leads to what on the trailer and the vehicle you just combine the colors for clearence, left t-sig, right t-sig, and ground from vehicle to trailer.

Man I hope that makes sense. cause I don't think I can describe it any better. If it helps lemme know if not lemme know and I'll try again.
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darrell McCoy
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Good way to lose points with father in law.
Typically, standard wiring is:
Brown-tail lites
Green- RTS
If you do not have a harness as Joe suggests, then you have to trace veh wires. and hook up accordingly. I am not one for splicing into wires myself. Later model P/U's have a hidden trailer wiring harness tucked into frames.
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From what I recall on these, if you have the harness I'm talking about, there is no splicing. It's all simple plug-ins like Darrell has stated.
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I have wired trailers before and I think the correct wiring for your application would be to put the wires in this order:
Red to Yellow
White to White
Green to Green
Brown to Brown

Then if you have problems you should check each wire as it comes from the truck to see what light is is connected to and likewise do the same thing for the wires on the trailer.
Good Luck,

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