Honda Rust Bucket


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Honda Rust Bucket

I have a 1989 Honda Accord LXi. It has 4 doors and in the back over the rear wheel wells and behind the car under the brake lights it is rusting away. What would be the best way to repair this rust. If I use Bondo, is it difficult to use and does it have to be a certain temperature outside. I am trying to fix this piece of junk to sell it. Everyone comes by to look at it and the rust scares them away. Thank you in advance. Also does anyone know how to patch up a hole in the oil pan?
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Best bet: Donate this heap to charity and take a tax writeoff. Best way.

The only way to fix it right is to cut out the rust and weld in new panels, which costs about 10 times what the car was even worth new .

If you patch it up, it will draw attention to where it was rotted and raise MORE questions as to what is hiding under it.

Either price it accordingly with the rust and it will sell or donate it and take the tax writeoff. In that way, the car won't go to anyone, it will probably get wholesaled for parts or junked.

As for a hole in the oil pan, JB Weld sometimes works, but a replacement oil pan is the only proper repair.

Car sounds rough, I'd go the donate route.
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Bondo temperature ranges are different for different brand, check the package.
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agreed, time to unload this one. Set a price no one can resist. Lots are looking for just old work cars.
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My cousin is unloading, I mean selling a 1993 Taurus , and we figured out that he might fare better if he donates it than if we sell it outright or I list it on Ebay.

Not to mention the couple that came to test drive it Saturday hasn't been driving long and almost killed all of us by running through a stop sign! LOL.
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Just drive it into the ground--then scrap it.
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Nah, why scrap it? Donate it and take the tax writeoff.

Scrapping a car nets you 50 bucks around here if you drive it there. Nothing if they come and pick it up

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