Intermittant AC Issue


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Intermittant AC Issue

I have a 96 Chevy P/U with a 305 engine. The A/C works intermittantly, cycling between too warm and too cool. When blowing cold air, it works fine. The issue seems more pronounced at startup or at low revs. I can actually hear the "whoosh" as it kicks in. Any suggestions as to cause? I'm hoping it's some switch that I could handle myself.

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darrell McCoy
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Possibly low on refrigerant or pressure switch. Either way, due to danger involved, this repair is not for a DIY. Needs to be handled by a qualified A/C person.
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I agree with Darrell.
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I agree, sounds like low refrigerant level. Auto parts store carry cannisters of 134A with a easy to read (red to green) pressure gauge attached. For $20 bucks, maybe $30, ,you can top it off yourself if you understand and follow the instructions on the product.

If you don't like to read product instructions then you can end up destroying your compressor, yada, yada, yada, big bucks, etc. But if you are careful and a successful do-it-yourselfer, then you now know what options are available to you.
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darrell McCoy
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But, my theory is why guess, and spend the 20-30 bucks if it does not need refrigerant? Aound here a GM dealer will check A/C for 30 bucks and tell you exactly what it needs. He will inform you and ask if you want repairs or if it just needs 134. If it is low, then they will add and charge for the amount used. If then it is not satisfactory, you got someone to b---- to about it.
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NO! You cannot top off the system. You can overcharge it that way. The system must be checked by someone competent.

Bottom line, if you have to add, you have a leak. Professional service required unless you have the proper A/C tools to do the job.

The second part of your post should also include "and you can hurt yourself if the process if you do it wrong".

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