Oil additives?


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Oil additives?

I was just wondering about oil additives? I change my oil religiously with regular oil. I would like to go to synthetic, but it can be expensive at a quickie lube place. Is there a consensus about any oil additives that are OK to use for engine protection to help extend the life of the engine a little bit more? I know to stay away from Teflon based products. I'm thinking of something like Wynn's Molyslip, Metaloil, or Dura-Lube. Maybe some of the car experts can direct me. Thanks - Golfnut
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Fact: They are not needed. If they are, you have a mechanical problem in the engine.

Change the oil and filter regularly and there is no problem. If you do, a well designed vehicle will go many, many miles before there are problems.

Leave the oil additives on the shelf and spend the money on getting the tools and equipment to do it yourself and save some money.
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347,000 miles (217k on the short block) and counting on the 350 Chevy motor in my wrecker using Sam's Club oil, no additives, changed every 3k miles.
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There you have it .
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Although the dealer will try to sell you an additive for your engine oil or even for your automatic transmission, don't take it. When I found out that he had put it into mine when I had him put the synthetic ATF, I hit the roof. He wanted me to just accept not paying for it. I insisted he dump my new ATF which he pollurted and do it without any additive. That's how I feel about after market oil additives.
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Aye .

Counterman Magazine did a special on oil additives some time ago.

The bottom line: There's no fix in a can. What we in the trade have been saying all along. There is also no mechanic in a can, nor is there the "machine that tells us what is wrong with the vehicle". LOL.

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