stalling when i stop


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stalling when i stop

I just changed the engine (305) in my 83 regal limited. I did the engine and tranny together. The 305 I took out knocks pretty bad and has no power, I suspect bad camshaft. Once everything was bolted back together and it was time to start it up, it ran like crap. Could not keep it running very well and when it was running it was very rough. Then I put my old distributor and carb ( 4 bar ) on and now runs pretty good except I have to drive with two feet when stopping or it stalls. Idles fine in park. I can find no vacuum leaks, sprayed quick start around everywhere listening for engine rpm to come up. Is there a magic screw on the carb somewhere that will fix this. I have not made any adjustments of any kind as yet and when i put in the distributor I just put it into the exact position the old one was in, ( I do not own a timing light ). Also can you tell me how much tranny fluid this thing should have in it. There is an "H" stamped on the top of the tranny and a sticker beside that that says 3XH b. Thanks for any help
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You need to check the timing just dropping it in won't cut it.Borrow a timing light or rent/buy one.Then adjust timing according to the underhood decal or service manual.
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Also, did you put a 1983 stock 305 in there or is it from something else?

If it's not the same year 305 as designed for that vehicle, your guess is as good as mine with regard to hooking it up 100% to run 100%. Swapping parts from unknown sources/different years is a sure fire way to make a money pit/time waster out of a project like this.

Davo is right. Also, what condition is the "new" motor in? Junkyard? Rebuilt? What parts were changed when it was rebuilt? Tune up parts done? Carburetor rebuild? etc, etc, etc. etc.

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