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97 mitsubishi mirage 1.5L DE has fault code for engine misfire on number 1 cyl. Have changed the obvious (rotor cap wires plugs etc.) where do I go from here?
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It helps to know the code......

Could be a plethora of things, what does autolibrary.org or your service manual have to say?

Could be a bad coil, plug wire, oil from a bad valve cover gasket leaking into the wire, etc, etc, etc.
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sorry, had the code checked at a parts store and I don't remember the number other than it was a P code (p-34 ?? ) what I need to know is can this code be caused by something other than ignition components? Has new plug wires, plugs, rotor and cap, and no fluid leaks any where near these parts. I guess a bad coil is a possibility but why the misfire on #1 cyl. only?
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Typically, with OBDII, the misfire codes are P0300 for random misfire, P0301 for misfire cyl #1, P0302 misfire cyl #2 ect..
Some of the things that can cause this code are faulty injector, bad valves(s), worn rings, excessive carbon in the combustion chamber.
It's possible to get a bad plug, 1 that's been dropped, cracked, or just plain defective. Same with plug wires.
Try swapping the #1 plug with say the #3 plug, clear the code(s) and see if the misfire code comes back and what cyl it shows up for. If it comes back on #1, it obviously wasn't the plug. Swap the #1 plug wire with another, clear the codes, and see if it comes back.
A compression check somewhere in this wouldn't hurt either. See if #1 is lower than the other 3 cyl. Most cars allow a range that's acceptable. For example, 140psi-160psi, with the lowest being no more than 15% lower than the others.
I don't have the specs for your car, but Joe has some great links that might help out.
As for testing the injectors, this takes some fairly expensice test equipment... (Autozone MIGHT have something you can rent???)

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