Rebuilt engine leaking oil


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Rebuilt engine leaking oil

My brother recently had a friend of unknown competence help him rebuild and reinstall the 5.7l TBI v-8 in his '89 Chevrolet 1/2-ton 4wd pickup. Yesterday, I went to help my brother fix some rough-running problems( no vacuum signal to MAP sensor and no coolant temp signal to ECU - missing vacuum hose and broken temp sensor), and he asked me to help him find the source of an oil leak. It looks like the source is between the heads and block, near the rear of the engine. The oil is running down the sides of the block and dripping on the exhaust crossover pipe. Due to the questionable reliability of the help, my brother began to wonder if his friend had torqued the head bolts properly. I was thinking the oil could be coming from the oil pressure sending unit, until it was noted that the leak was on both sides. The engine seems to run fine, except for the oil leak. Could the problem be loose head bolts? What else might cause an oil leak in such a location? My brother will owe big for any help anyone can give! Thanks - Chris
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Unfortunately, just about anything. Gunk the engine down to clean it and really see where the source of the leak is. Could be bad valve cover gaskets too.

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