93 Dynasty stalls


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Question 93 Dynasty stalls

I have a 93 Dodge Dynasty with a 3.0 engine. The other day, after driving for about a half hour on the hiway, It began to stall when I gave it gas. I made it home and killed the engine. When I tried to restart it, it wouldn't start. The starter is turning but the engine wouldn't fire up. I was finally able to get it started but when I would give it gas, it would stall to the point of almost dieing. Today, I was able to get it started with the same results. However, when I turned on the A/C, it ran fine (for a while). After running the engine and the A/C for a while, I turned off the A/C and it ran fairly well. So I killed the engine. When I went to restart the car, It wouldn't start again. I finally got it started with the original results (it would stall when I gave it gas). I tried to repeat the results with the A/C on but it didn't work this time. It stalls when I give it gas.

I had the flex plate replaced about 6 months ago but I have not had any major repairs on it lately.

What would cause this and how can I fix it? I use to work on car often in my younger days but there is so much in cars these days, I don't know where to start.

Any help will be appreciated.


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I don't have a solution for you, but mildly based on your symtoms, it leads me to ask when was the last time you changed your air filter? I ask that because it sounds like a high idle keeps it running and a normal idle does not.
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you should start with a fuel pressure test to see if it is within specs, sounds like a bad fuel pump to me, have you changed the fuel filter lately
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93 Dynasty

Thanks for the replies!

I took the air filter off as I was testing it. It didn't help.

I changed the fuel filter about 7 months ago prior to having the flex plate replaced. The filter is quite large and seems to last a long time. I had just filled up with gas prior to driving it. The thought of getting bad gas had crossed my mind but I don't know how to check that other than draining the fuel tank a filling it up elsewhere. With the price of gas these days, I would hate to through out a full tank of good gas. But it may be less expensive than having a new fuel pump put in. The pump is inside the fuel tank and I do not have the appropiate tools or facility to make the change myself.
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I agree with Bejay,many times people run low on fuel and fill it up and never leave the gas station.You may have shocked the pump with cold gas when you filled up.This is why everytime I change a in tank pump the tank is full.I 'm suprised it starts at all.By the way make sure you change the small section of hose in there also they have been known to split.
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Agreed. If you have a habit of running low (below a 1/4 of a tank) of fuel, stop that practice. It starves the pump and can ruin it in short order.

Electric fuel pumps require fuel to cool and lubricate themselves. Test the fuel pressure with a rented gauge from Autozone to see if it's your problem or not.

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