diagnosing a trouble code


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diagnosing a trouble code

I am working on a 1994 ford ranger with a 2.3l and it has 8 spark plugs,I have a snap on scanner and I pulled a code 222 do to the engine light being on,this code says (IDM open or high or right coil pack failure)and thats all it says,i dont just want to throw a $100.00 coil pack in it if its the IDM.But i looked up the abriviation
in the book and it says the IDM is a ignition diagnostics monitor,a wire between the ECA and the switched side tach terminal of the ignition coil,the eca uses this curcuit to check for the presence of ignition pulses.Ok so thats all the info I got and as far as I got now before i replace the coil pack how do i check the IDM and how do i find it? thats my question.thank you for your help I love this website.
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If I did tons of side work for cheap I would swap the coil packs and see what happens first before looking deeper.If we help you fix it do we get a cut of the profit?
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LOL. I agree.
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hey who ever said try to switch the coil packs,if you read the question right you would have noticed a 2.3l with 8 spark plugs,that means 4 on exhaust side and 4 on the intake side so they are 2 differant coil packs,so now answer my question
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No one's obligated to answer your question---it is a voluntary forum, and the advise is free. So lose the 'tude, dude.

Davo was giving you an excellent shadetree idea. It sure would work on most cases to isolate the problem.

You've bragged to us in other posts that you have tons of test equipment, scanners and the like...so, have you tested the parts? What does the service manual you're using have to say about the specs of the coil packs? Alldata tech bulletins that are revelant to this problem?

If it's a customer's vehicle, bill him/her for a $25 Alldata.com subscription if you don't have the needed information on the problem.

Have you also checked the links in my signature file??

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