What is the best car wax?


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wood duck
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Question What is the best car wax?

Does any one brand stand out above the rest or are they all about the same? How often should wax be applied for maximum protection?

I just bought my first new vehicle and don't want the paint to fade like it did on the last or be damaged by bird droppings.
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loaded question

The best car wax? That's like asking what's the best brand of tire or best brand of motor oil.

Here's my $.02:

If you wax regularly (every 3 months should be often enough) the brand really won't matter much.

I've had excellent results with many different brands, including 3M, Meguiar's, Mothers, Liquid Glass & about 15 other brands.
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Agreed. Throw Zymol or Zaino into that mix too.
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make sure you know what the difference between a "wax'
and a "wax" that's actually a polish and/or cleaner! ...the
latter being abrasive in nature. You'll probably want to use
discretion on how often you use polishes.

My suggestions:
- Stick with carnauba-based paste wax. The brands that
knuckles and JoeF are reputable and good. Dunno
what happened to Eagle One. They had some good
stuff many years ago.

- convenience is inversely proportional to durability. Don't
waste your time and $$ with the spray-and-wipe type.
Liquid waxes are not much better.

- Don't believe products that say you only need to wax once
a year. That's fine if you never drive the car that never
comes out of the garage :-)

- use a nice thick car cover ... It keeps the bird do-do off
your paint and protects it as well as shielding the inside
from the sun. You should see my cover after
4yrs of direct sun and weather...there's not much left of
it--it's better ruining my cover than my dash or upholstery.
Another benefit--you can't steal what you can't see inside.

And I can claim my metallic silver 84 Toyota is still
shinier than a lot of cars that are newer in the parking lot :-) ;-)
Granted...it's got a few door dings from worthless morons
and sadly, it's now not worth much more than a few cans
of Zymol these days :-( But heck, it doesn't look like a heap!

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wood duck
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I have never even heard of any of the above waxes. I have always just used Turtle Wax brand. Maybe that is my problem.
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I've used Turtle Wax with some success too. Their 'Color Back' product is great for reviving lightly oxidized paint.

Check your local auto parts store or auto body supply for pro quality waxes like Meguiar's & 3M.
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Here is the process I use to wash/wax/.detail my car once a year with another waxing after 6month,

First I wash the car twice, once with a pressure washer at the garage to get all the big stuff, the I go home and hand wash it. I use mostly meguiars product becasue I'm very satisfied with the results but all the brand above are good I've tried them all.

Then I run my hand over the surface and any rough spots imperfections get the clay bar treatment

Once the car is washed I use a wax cleaner to remove the old wax

Now the car is squeaky clean it's time to fixes the scrathing and paint defects.

I then polish the car using a fine cut polish

Then I use a carnuba based glaze to remove swirls marks etc..

Once that is done I'm ready to seal the surface I use and acrylic based wax

Then it's time for the protective coat here I use a carnuba wax paste. Buff lightly and voila a better then showroom shine.

Also not never rub in wax/polishes/cleaners in a circular motion always back and forth, circular motions cause swirls and swirls are bad.

I do this once a year (takes 5-6 hours for my 99 dodge caravan)
Then just wash it once a week or so and use a quick detailing spray once in a while to bring back the shine.

For the best article I know of on detailing check this out


Of course this is where most of my write up above is based from
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All of the brands Knuckles and I mentioned are professional products used by detailers and body shops and most of them deliver excellent results.

Honestly, you'll get good results with just about any well-known name of wax if it's done often and correctly and you take your time.

If ya have time to worry about what wax to use, ya need more to do . LOL.

Paint on cars today is very high quality and will respond well if well cared for.
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wood duck
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Great link Gotrek. Thanks for everyones help. Time to go find some better wax.

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