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Don't Know

Here is Question for you guys!

Last week my car started to run bad. 95 Chevy S-10. When my car gets hot after driving it and parking. If I try to start it will not crank until my motor has cooled down. So I thouhgt that it was driveability problem. So I had someone to hook it up to a scan tool and they came back saying that I had a bad EGR valve. So I replaced the EGR Valve, PCV valve, Air Fillter, Oil Change and Fillter and the car did the same thing. What do you guys think that could be causing this problem.(Leaking Intake manifold, Bad Cat converter, Bad o2 sensor) or something else.

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Bad starter, poor battery, or bad battery connections more than likely. Have all of them checked.
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It is turning over it is just not Starting and it only does this when it get's hot after I have driven it for a while. Can the battery or Starter causes this kind of problem. But I will perform your test.

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Jabari, you stated in your first post that the engine wouldn't crank after it got hot.

I would suggest checking the basics. Make sure everything looks good as far as ignition components. Next time it happens verify that you have adequate fuel pressure, and check for spark out of the coil. If no spark is present, measure the resistance of the pick up coil. It should be between 500-1500 ohms. Typically around 800 hot. Go from there...
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I agree. Start with my "Basics" below.
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We've had a few problems with vapor lock in the midwest. My guess is that the gas is not up to specs but who knows. What you describe could be vapor lock. If you could check the fuel pressure at the engine when it won't start, that would tell you if it is vapor lock or not. A weak fuel pump exagerates this problem.

Just curious, do you put Heet or some such in your gas tank on a regular basis?

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