Mercury Cougar Oil Leak


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Angry Mercury Cougar Oil Leak

My 1987 Mercury Cougar, 6 cyl, automatic has an oil leak that no one seems to be able to find. I am adding oil at least every other day. As I drive down the road, the oil is going somewhere where it is burning. I can smell it and often there is a white cloud coming from under the hood.
No Smoke and Stop Leak stopped it for one day. There are no loose bolts and the gasket on the engine housing is in good shape. I have been told it is not coming from there. The PCV valve was popping out of its gasket, but I replaced that last week. Can anyone help? Thanks!
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If oil isn't dripping on the pavement at that rate, there's only place left--out the tailpipe.

Pull your spark plugs and take a look at them. If they're soaked and wet with oil, that's a bad sign :-( Rings probably need replacing if that's the case.

Did the PCV valve pop out because it was plugged? That's sign of excessive blow-by gas/worn rings.

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I agree. It sounds like the engine is old and tired .

The excessive crankcase pressure is probably blowing the valve out---make sure none of the PCV lines are clogged.
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Thank you...

Thanks for all the replies about my Mercury Cougar. At least now I have somewhere to go. So many "mechanics" have not been able to locate the leak.
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Change the oil and filter and carefully Gunk the engine. Start it up and see now with a clean engine if you can find the leak.

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