Rust holes on Blazer


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Cool Rust holes on Blazer

Howdy y'all

Got a question.................

I have a 91 Chevy S-10 Blazer, it has a lot of miles on it, and I don't want to get rid of it 'cause it's been the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned. However I have a rust hole about 6 inches x 2 inches on the bottoms strip under the passenger side rear door. I'm looking for any suggestions about what I can do to fix it. I have left it alone since I bought it in 98, but the state of West Virginia changed the standards for inspections, and will not allow any holes that big on a vehicle.

Anyone have any suggestions?................Let me know
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how about this

You could take a cut off wheel and cut out the rust spot cut bigger then the actual spot and weld in a new section using the old cut out piece as a template. Then prime and paint to match.
I would not do this repair on a car that does not have a frame but the truck has one so structural strength should not be a problem.
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The state is governing how big of a rust hole you can have on your vehicle!!! That's going a little to far don't ya think.

Do what Mike says or get new rocker panels all together and replace the old ones. Body shop probly wouldn't kill you on this major repairs and all over paint jobs are what get expensive.
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Go to someone like and get a repair panel for about $30 and install it or have a body shop put it on.
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If the truck is otherwise in good shape, buy a GM part and have a body shop install it. Well worth the money. Those S,T Blazers hold their value and are quite expensive to replace.

Do not fool with structural or body integrity of a vehicle with inexperience. Body work is not DIY repair without the proper knowhow.
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It is funny how states with low populations pick on there citizens with inspection requirements like rust hole size. I am originally from PA, and they have those requirements--just leads to people filling there vehicles with bondo--better off just leaving it rust! LOL! Out here in MI/Detroit, there are no inspections or emissions, but you can be ticketed for a safety item--ie. you are responsible for maintaining your own car safely! One of the few laws I agree with in this liberal (DEM) state. Other than that I would rather live in WV! Nice country!
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I know someone that was moving to CT in 1980 and I believe even at THAT time they had something about rust in their inspection program.

NYS is pretty liberal. My opinion is if it's that rough, it's likely unsafe and badly kept anyhow. More often than not, this is the case.

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