cold starts


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cold starts

When I start my 2003 chevy impala with the engine cold,for the first few seconds engine sounds like there's no oil.When I went to to the dealer I got the old 'they all do that'and sure enough I tried starting other cars in their lot and they sounded the same,but got no answer when I asked why the engines sound that way.I still don't feel it's good for an engine to sound like there's no oil circulating.Iwas considering turning the ignition on but not starting for a few seconds to activate the oil pump and let the oil start circulating before starting,but one of my neigbors says he heard that I would damage the fuel pump doing that.Any info or advice would be appreciated.
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Nah won't damage anything. Won't do much either. The oil pump is mechanical, not electrical, so the turning of the engine turns the oil pump.

Get the dealer's refusal of a problem in writing on a work order. In this fashion, if an engine problem crops up, you will have proof that you brought it to their attention and in turn you can demand a new motor at no charge.
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all engines will have no oil in the top end until a few seconda after starting,try a thicker oil it may help stick on the parts that are making the noise,or if you really want to go crazy see if a electrical oil pump is available in like the summit magazine or straight from a manufacter and you can get a priming mode where the elec. oil pump will turn on before the engine and prime it,but first try the oil or even try those specialty oil that are supposed to work great
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Contrary to what you think a lighter oil lubes quicker and prevents the "dry start syndrome". A heavier oil will take longer to take up the clearances and make noise longer.

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Larry is correct.


Where did you read that? Thicker oil protects better in hotter temperatures/climates.

Also the warranty will be voided by using anything other than the recommended OEM grades of oil.

There is likely no "problem", but I agree with the original poster, it shouldn't do that. Again, get the dealer's refusal in writing on a work order that shows "no problem found". If down the road after the warranty, there's a problem, the dealer will eat the cost of new engine as you have proof you complained during the warranty.

My sister blew the head gasket on her 2000 Jetta. The dealer found the problem when the car was back there for numerous recalls. VW tried to deny they were responsible, but my brother in law pulled out a repair order from 2001 showing he complained about foam on the oil cap.

Guess who ate the repair costs ?

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