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Question Swirl mark removal

Does anyone know what to use to remove swirl marks within from my paint? I have a 1987 Black Pontiac Grand Prix (4.3) that I just recently bought this year and when I purchased it I did not see any swirl marks on the new paint job. I suspect they used some type of quick finish wax to cover up the swirl marks, but I want to permanently remove them. Please advise!

Also, I have had a problem with fumes coming out of the exhaust too. I have recently had a complete tune up done, but the fumes are still there. My next step is to change out the o2 sensor, but if that does not work, I have no clue where to go next.
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If you mean it's running rich, that could be a number of things. Are you stating it has an exhaust leak or it has excessive fuel (black smoke) out of the tailpipe? What color and odor is the smoke coming out.

As to the paint problem, that was caused by a buffing wheel. Use 3M "Perfect It" (specially made for black) and it should come out. You can have the car professionally detailed and they'll get it out too.
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yes, it is running really rich. There is no color smoke to be seen, just a really rich and strong smell that I can't think of how to describe. It is not a fuel smell though. All I can say is that you can smell the richness while both driving down the road as well as just sitting and idling.
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Start with a full tuneup and all fluid changes. After that start with my "The Basics" below.

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