Convertible Top Questions 96 Sebring


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Convertible Top Questions 96 Sebring

The motor that puts my 96 Sebring Convertible Top up seems to be weak. Is there any maintenance required, I just got the car.

Also is there anything I should put on the top to keep it from drying/cracking etc etc.

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Not likely, but only a Chrysler manual would detail that. It probably has a weak motor or it may just be the way it is .

Unforunately, the Sebring is a bottom barrel convertible not made of great quality parts .
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the seabring is a nice car and its made with mopar parts,the same mopar engines that where band from nascar because everyone who had a mopar engine was winning and getting more horse power from there engines,so i think mopar makes a great part,and the motor on the convertable,see if it always sounds weak because if it only sounds that way when the car is not running you could have a week battery,or the motor might be on the way out, but if it is on the way out try tapping on it to see if you get a diffrent result.also try lubing the gear and track that the motor uses to move the top,that might help,yes you can get a spray protectant any kind of vinyl spray would be fine
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Umm, "MOPAR" doesn't make anything . It is a marketing arm/trademark of Chrysler.

By the way, most OEMs don't make components, they source them. CTS makes Chrysler TPS sensors, Walbro (TI Automotive) makes their fuel pumps, Siemens Deka some fuel injectors, etc. etc etc. Chrysler "makes" very little, they mostly assemble.

GM is probably the car maker who makes most of their components on a percentage/content basis.

The Chrysler Sebring convertible is also made in Mexico to my knowledge. Kinda like buying a Becks at full price and getting slipped a Corona. LOL

Original poster: See if has any bulletins or recalls on your problem/vehicle. That's the first place to start.

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